A Silver Treasure Turns a Hundred by: Elmer Nocheseda Silver HoardA cultural relic of Pateros turns centenary this year (i.e. 2003). Although in much need of repair, the andas ni Santa Marta is a venerated town treasure. And still in good use. Considered a priceless heirloom of pounded Mexican silver, it tells the town's stories through the past century. The andas
Palaspas by: Elmer Nocheseda My fascination with palaspas started with a palm leaf ball my father made me when I was 4 years old. My father created the BOLA with just two coconut palm leaflets. He made it so quickly that I thought it was magic! Patupat Like any other curious child I tried to
Palaspas Lenten Passion. Faith and the Filipino Palm Leaf Art by: Elmer Nocheseda Palm Sunday in the Philippines is most dramatic. To commemorate the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, Filipino Catholics bring their palaspas or decorated palm fronds, to church to be blessed by the priests. It is always a sight to behold when young fresh coconut leaves
Pateros, Paradise Lost in Economic Globalization Dr. Ernesto R. Gonzales What good can material progress do when economic gains are achieved at the expense of our own ecology and our way of life (cultural/ anthropological)? If only the oligarchy and the foreign investors are able to consolidate gains into their hands strengthened by the existing machinery of political governance,
Patriotismo at Dapitan 1890-2000 Pagbangon ng Sugatang Katawan at Paghilom sa Nasalatantang Kaakuhan Dr. Ernesto R. Gonzales, Ph.D. Ang "Pandemonyo ng Bayan" Halos lahat naman ng yumaman sa Pilipinas ay hinahakot ang kayamanan palabas ng Sambayanang Ekonomiya upang dalhin sa mga mauunlad at mayayamang bansa. Ang resulta nito ay ang unti-unting pagkaubos ng mga kailangang pondong nasyonal upang
The Invention of Happiness (Fermented Rice) By Elmer I. Nocheseda Spirits rice and the brew are unrehearsed. Fermented rice is made with yeast and water, and by chance, emerges a rice dish with a hint of sweet alcoholic savor. Good fermented rice is just like a good ulam, a nice condiment, a sweet dessert, or an intoxicating drink. It sparks an appetite.
The Pateros 1896 Revolution by: Elmer Nocheseda Founding the Balangay Magtanggol of PaterosMacario Almeda or Cabesang Cario (b. 1867) is a farmer who, at the age of 29, was the youngest Cabeza de Barangay of Cabeceria No. 9 in 1896. He is married to Apolinia “Poleng” Calingo, with whom he had a son named Eugenio (b 1893). He is
The Pateros 1896 Revolution, Part2 by: Elmer Nocheseda The Aftermath Lieutenant Manuel Sityar inspected the aftermath of the battle in Pateros in the mid morning of Sunday, August 30, 1896. The main road that connects Pateros with Pasig and Taguig was deserted and showed signs that there was intense fighting that happened there the night before: the walls were broken, there were
The Pateros River Basin By: Ernesto R. Gonzales, Ph.D An Ecological Sacrifice for the Economic Globalization of Metro-Manila, Philippines (Pateros River Basin Rehabilitation Conference September 2007) THE ISSUES CONFRONTED BY A DYING RIVER Pateros River is dying. It is just like a toilet un flushed by a total of (2) Million residents of the Cities of Makati,